Surrealist Painter Explores Parenting with Paintings!

At first you think "wow this artist would be really angry at their child for going through their painting” But if you look closely you realize that this kids are not actual coming through the painting, they are the painting! A versatile use of the trompe l'oiel effect these surrealist paintings by Jim Warren takes photorealism and blends it with romanticism painting. In these painting he tries to work in the “ups and downs” of parenting and how one can find the silver lining in every moment of parenting.  

A father of three he had a breakthrough in his work (which used to be strict landscape painting) when his first born, Jenny, came running into his studio and ended up going head first into his canvas and broke through the other side. At first he was irate but then he realized how beautifully she fit into the landscape. He immediately told her to stay there in the painting for the next 3 hours straight! So he could make a sketch out of it. He later remarked to me when I met him at one of his opening “Those moments are what parenting is about, even when you children does something that annoys you, you still find them beautiful”. 

The way he creates his painting is even more amazing! He paints the landscape painting first and then he rips wholes in it and has his kids come in and pose as if they broke through the painting. Left over from his early landscape work, he prefers to be in front of his models instead of photos because it creates a performative relationship between the model and the painter. Jim Warrens work is a true example of Fine Art.

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John Erbach Staff Writer.

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